Check item



50 hours

500 hours

1500 hours

3000 hours

Filter Cleaning



Oil level/ oil quality          

Oil leakage


Water leakage


Belt & pulley



Lubricant replacement          

Lubricant replacement


Check and replace the seals


Check and replace inlet/outlet valves




If not using the lubricants dedicated for pump crankcase, replacement must be every 300 hours.

The lubricant must be replaced after running a new pump 50 hours for the first time, and then replacing every three months or  300 hours.

If using the lubricant dedicated for pump crankcase, the replacement can prolong to every 500 hours.

The maintenance cycles of various pump systems are different, please check it immediately if the pump performance       degradation.

If seals still are no wear after operation of 1500 hours, please re-check it at 2000 hours and
 then check it again every 500 hours.  Replace it immediately upon wear.

The continuous running time of pump,temperature ,quality of liquid medium and water input state..etc. will affect the service  life of wearing parts.

You also need to maintain regulator, discharge valve and other related check valves when proceeding seals maintenance;    Re-start the system after you check all system accessories and joints.

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